HELP! Which clutch kit for unoriginal motor

HELP! Which clutch kit for unoriginal motor


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Hi guys. Thanks to the help on this forum I know I need to replace the throwout bearing on my 304 w/ T-150. While my guys are in there we're doing a clutch kit and resurfacing the flywheel too.

Here's my dilemma: The CJ5 is a 1979 with a replacement 304. I've tracked down the engine code and believe it to be a 1974 engine. I have no idea if the tranny is a 1974 or 1979 (as I think the T-150 would work with either engine and came from the factory that way).

I notice there are a couple clutch kits to chose from and they have different order numbers. Do I order based on the year of the engine or the tranny?

I guess I'm glad to have a 1974 motor as its more powerful than the later emissions-choked ones...just confused as to which kit to use...don't want to have to do this again or cause worse issues later.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. :chug:
The plot thickens...I may not have a 1979 T-150. It may be a T-15 from the original 1974 engine. Any way to tell them apart to the novice (me) or are they marked for the mechanics after it is dropped?

Are the shifters different? Mine is fairly straight with only one bend. The pic of a T-15I found has two bends.


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