Help with dana 20 front output leak

Help with dana 20 front output leak


1980 cj5: 258, t15, dana 20
First of all, please excuse my lack of knowlege-I'm very much a beginner at all this so if you guys could be patient with my lame questions I would very much appreciate it. I'm learning.
So my CJ5's Dana 20 is leaking out of what I belive is the front output. I'll attactch a photo in case I'm completly off. Can I get to that seal without removing the tcase? Are springs and gears going to fly out at me the moment I open it?
It has been my experience that when the front starts to leak, be ready for a tear down. I would go and try the front seal first, but when you are in there look at the output shaft surface. Many times that surface can be rusted or pitted. That surface needs to be smooth. Good luck.

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