here we go!

here we go!


need some advice my son and i are fixin to change the tub on our 81 CJ7 any advise on what to do and not to do. and also were to start on the wiring harness thanks for the help david
Not as tough as you might think.

Pull the front fenders and hood.
Steering column is disconnected at the u-joint by the firewall.
Pull the battery and disconnect the wiring harness at the firewall.
Fuel filler hoses and taillights in the rear.
All the body mount bolts must go.
I pull the shifters off. The T-14 top plate has 6 bolts and it's off. You don't have to lift it so high then.
Windshield frame.
Get 4 strong guys on each corner and lift it off.
Put the new tub on and transfer the other pars as required.

Good luck! :)
spray the body bolts with alot of pb blaster. :chug:

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