HID offroad light help

HID offroad light help
1955 Jeep Willys CJ5 (327 chevy smallblock)
Hey all just got two 55 watt hid offroad lights and was wondering if anyone has installed some before. If so how hard was it to do? Not sure on where im going to mount them yet, any ideas? I was also wondering if it is illegal to have them uncovered while on the road? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I'm sure has some law about where and how to mount them and probably how they have to be turned on. Check your local laws and please.. Please wire them up with relays.
Please wire them up with relays.

Relays are not needed withHID due to the reduced amp draw.

Start up amps can be 10amps each. Many folks run each on their own fuse. If 1 ballast failed (shorts), it won't take out both lights.
Thanks for the replies. I will have to try and find out what the regulations are for lights. Even though it may not be neccesary to run a relay, I am going to just in case. What are good places to put lights and the bad places to put lights.

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