High mileage 4 speed trans noise

High mileage 4 speed trans noise

VT Woodsman

Northern Vermont
1978 cj7 304 v8 , 4speed which i think is out of a newer cj. Im pretty sure it has a stock transfer case.
Guys im hearing a slight whine from either the 4 speed manual trans or the transfer case...My question is, on a high mileage rig, is whine normal ...and if i put in some fresh 90 weight gear oil, would it lesten the gear whine any?
When mine started to whine it was bad mainshaft bearings. My whole trans was loose from the previous owner and it ruined the pilot bushing leaving the trans to tilt and kill the bearings.

New gear oil could help if its low and Id change it out if you dont know how long its been in there.
The problem is with the skid plate on its a pita to get to the upper fill bolt on the passenger side. But i will put it up on a friends lift and fill the trans up, and go from there.
If you could find the time to fill out your jeeps specs in your profile it would help a bit. That way I know what 4 spd , year and t-case you have and may be able to give a tip or 2 on how to make it easier. :)

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