High RPM Whining

High RPM Whining


Charleston, SC
86' CJ-7 Laredo stock, 2005 TJ 3" BDS
Hello...I have a 1986 CJ7 Laredo....258 I6, T176, Dana 300, 4.56.....I am in the process of breaking the gears in and notice that when my rpm get above 2500 there is a whining sound that starts up. When I lower the rpm it goes away but comes back when I pull them back up. Any ideas what this might be? I can't quite locate where the whining is coming from due to the high revving sound of the motor. Could it be the Transmission or possibly the TC? I was hoping it was just a belt or something, but it almost seems like it might possibly be coming from down below the floor. I don't know....just figured I'd ask those who may have dealt with this before. Thanks for your help.
I would bet it is coming from the new gears. Just might sound different than what you were used to IMO.
Check the fluid again and drive it like you stole it!!!!:chug:

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