Hole in dash above steering column??

Hole in dash above steering column??


central pa
1975 cj5
304 v8
Hi everyone, I'm bearing down towards the end of my restoration on my 75 CJ5 . I am currently putting the dashboard back to stock, there is a hole above the steering column and I am not quite sure what goes there! I figured it is either for the wiring for the tach or in the manual it shows a break fault indicator light. I was thinking that. Oils possible go there!! Also does anybody know where I can get hazard flasher indicator lamp? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Not sure exactly how the setup is on at '75. I have an '81 CJ7 . How large is the hole you are referring to? On my '81 there is a round hole about 1" in diameter right above the steering column. The master cylinder connects through this hole. Are you referring to this or something similar?

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