Hole in firewall??

Hole in firewall??


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Hi guys. There is a hole (more like a small downward angled tube) coming out of my firewall. It's comes out over the passenger side valve cover on my V8. In the photo its between the air cleaner and the wires coming out of the smnaller hole. Am I right in thinking this is the drainage from the cowl vent? Should there be a hose on it...and where should it go? Any help is appreciated. :chug:
Yes its the drain and a hose would keep it from draining on ur motor as far as where it goes its only about 6" long any goes along the firewall.
Its about the size of a radiator hose and has a close 90 where it goes in the firewall.Good boneyard item if you have one close
Thank guys. I couldn't find a real one for less than 20.00 so I cut down a radiator hose from Autozone and used a SS worm gear. All done for 10.00. I appreciate the help and it looks stock. :chug:

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