Hole in the tube

Hole in the tube


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I notices theres a small hole on top of the drivers side axle tube. I'ts in about the same place as where the brake line splitter is mounted on the passenger side tube. Is this just another mounting hole? Seems like a good place for crud to get in.
It sounds like it might be where a vent should be attached.
My axle has a vent on the passenger side axle tube but I have a AMC20 rear end. I was thinking the Dana 44 has the vent on the pumpkin but I am not sure about '72
If you don't see an axle vent then that's my guess. An axle vent should have a hose going up to a higher area.
Is a hole that goes all the way tru the housing or just a bung to screw something to? If doesn't go all the way tru don't worry about it. If it does it may be your vent like stated above.
Possibly you could press fit a metal tube in there and create a vent by attaching a rubber hose to that tube.
The hole goes all the way through, no threads. About 1/4" or so.

I bet if you did a little scraping in the hole, you'd find it has threads. On my 75, there's a 1/4" threaded hole on the driver's side to bolt on a clip to hold the brake line to the axle. There should be another hole on the passenger side, near the U bolts for a vent tube.

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