holley carb on 2.5

holley carb on 2.5


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1980 Cj5, 350 chevy (i built myself), T176, Dana 300, stock narrow trac 3.54 axles, locked in the rear, power steering, power brakes, tilt steering, Warn lockouts, 31x10.50x15 AT's, hi lift jack mounted on the front, bed lined tub, firestick cb setup, 5 in hella lights, NO RUST!!
has anyone converted their 2.5 over to a holley 2 barrel carb? it had a rochester on it and i really dislike that carb. the only problem i have run ito is an adapter plate. im sure the rochester is a good carb but i already have a 300 cfm holley 2 barrel rebuilt and ready to go. i just got my jeep saturday. i traded my ford pinto powered sand rail for it. it ran great until i took it out on the high way and the charcoal canister let loose and filled the carb with bits of charcoal. i figured while i have it apart i would change it over how i want it. any help would be great. here is some pics of my new 1980 CJ5




the old girl doesnt have a bit of rust in it and is a steel tub. only problem is the tranny jumps out of reverse.
dang am i the only one that has thought of this conversion?
:Welcome: probably not the only one no... Nice jeep by the way man!

Concider this another bump to the top... I got nothing to offer, except 300 cfm may be a little too rich for the 2.5 litre...

But im not much of an expert on this stuff :cool:
i went ahead and cleaned the rochester out and got it working good again. i dont have the charcoal canister hooked up any more. i drove it to work today and around for about an hour tonight with the wife and kids. she purrrrrrrrssss like a kitten. i will just leave it alone for now. the 300 holley should be about right. i had a holley 350 on the 2.3l ford motor in my buggy. it ran great. might have to bump the main jets down a bit. i think i found a way to adapt it. if i can get ahold of the adapter plate they make to run a weber carb i can make it work. then i would need the adapter from weber to holley. lol i will leave it be until it gives me trouble. i sure do like this little jeep. im out growing my speed demon phase and am liking just cruising around with the kids. dont get me wrong i still like to go fast but i will take the slow lane for now. there is a 300 acre orv park about 50 miles from here i plan to visit soon. i took my buggy there once and quads a bunch of times. there is some nast hills i want to give a try :D
:drool: Nice Jeep!
Thanks!!! its amazing to me that this thing growing up around kansas and it doesnt have a butt ton of rust. usually the salt around here just destroys cars.

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