Holley Projection on a 258

Holley Projection on a 258


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Detroit Lakes, MN
73 CJ5 4.0 head on a 258, HEI, Holley Projection w/ 4.56, Detroit lockers Narrowed D44 front and full float D44 rear T14 w/ D20 4 wheel discs, 38.5 Boggers
Is anyone running a 1D Holley projection fuel injection setup on a 258?

I'd like to compare notes.
it seems to work on a lot of engines and can be made into a closed loop system which is nice
I'm running closed loop now. Just wanted to compare notes.

Thanks Guys
I just bought a 78 CJ with the 258 and it has the Pro-Jection 1d system. It ran for two days now nothing...I cant speak of the system as I dont know how old it is or who installed. I will see tomorrow how good Holley's customer service is! Are you running with it?
I've got 1400 hard miles (maybe 200 on roads). Runs good but I keep tweaking. No stalling. Starts right up hot or cold, winter or summer.

Running a digital air/fuel ratio meter for fine tuning.
Just an update. Replaced injector mod, tps, fuel pressure load cell, temp sensor. Adjusted fuel pressure to 16 PSI, TPS to .75v, returned all pots to null except mid range (1/16 turn cw), accelerator pump (1/32 turn cw). Seem to run great. Acceleration is poor but I hope I can adjust mid range and power up a bit. Very pleased.:D

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