Hood Scoop?

Hood Scoop?


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1979 CJ-5 Renegade with '74 304 V8 & Edelbrock manifold & carb, Heddman headers & sidepipes, T-150 3 speed, Dana 20, Dana 30, AMC 20
I'm thinking of adding a black hood scoop like the ones stocked at Autozone, Advance, etc. The thought is to relieve some heat from my engine bay. I know many have used louvers but I'm not sure I can make an intricate cut like that. The hood scoop would allow me to cut a non-perfect hole then cover it with the 3M adhesived scoop. So....should it face front or rear to pull heat better and would it look stupid? Thanks guys.
I made my own scoop out of the chrome cover for the heater intake. I faced it toward the windshield. When the fan is running you can feel the heat coming out. Then I found the louvers and added them in the hood,too. It was pretty easy to cut the holes with a cut off wheel on an air die grinder. Here's a pic of my hood. Sorry there is a little bit of a reflection from fluoresent light.

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