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Before going down a particularly rough stretch of backroad, I switched the front hubs to "4" and the t-case to 4 Lo so that I could crawl. Well, it was still a little to rough for my wife, so we aborted that little jaunt. Back on the smooth dirt road, I put it back in 2 Hi, and unlocked the hubs. The housing on the passenger side hub was very hot - you could touch it, but wouldn't want to leave your hand on it long. Driver side hub was warm, but it was about 100* out there. Checked it the next morning after about a 20 mile drive in 2 Hi, and the hub didn't heat up. I've never been into one of these, so any tips on what to look for would be appreciated.
Sounds to me like maybe the bearings are dry, you might need to repack them or replace them. If your take the hubs and bearings apart and find they are dry, and the bearing are "chunky" when you try to turn them by hand then its past time for some maintenance. If you have a haynes manual it'll walk you through the process.

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Jack up that wheel and see how it spins, also grab with both hands and see if it feels sloppy(bearing preload).
Brake draging? Just using the brakes will heat up the hub and if your starting with 100 degrees outside it's not hard to see.
There are no bearings in the locking hub and the wheel bearings are turning in 2 wd as well as 4 wd sooo I don't think it's the wheel bearing.
The brake draging makes more since, you were probaly riding the brake more going slow in 4low than you were on the dirt road in 2 high. :confused:
There are no bearings in the locking hub and the wheel bearings are turning in 2 wd as well as 4 wd sooo I don't think it's the wheel bearing.

While I agree that's all true :notworthy:, do you think while in 4L with back pressure and everything it may have gotten hotter (wheel bearing) than a normal unrestricted unlocked trip?:cool:

Just curious... I agree a dragging brake could be the culprit also possibly low front diff fluid level? I assume it would be both hot if that, but maybe one side oils better than the other, and the heat traveled down the axles to the hubs??

All that is just thinking out loud though...

And even though it may not be your problem, If you haven't done it yet or for a while OP I would re-pack your front wheel bearings just for the fun of it... :D

Messy Job, but one of the best preventative maintenance things you can do for a CJ...


~ JR
Thanks for the ideas. Couldn't get out there this afternoon to start checking. This strange wet stuff is falling from the sky. Rayn? Rane? It's been so long I forgot what that stuff is.
Well, I did get a chance to jack it up and spin the wheels. Absolutely no play side to side, top to bottom, and no bumping. There is something dragging on the right front. Couldn't tell what exactly without pulling the wheel, but it does sound like something in the disc brake.
Maybe the caliper is stuck on it's mount and unable to center properly?
Sorry for taking so long, but life got in the way.
The pads were definitely dragging on the rotor. I pulled the caliper and every thing seemed to be in good condition. Lubricated the caliper slides, reassembled, and it's working properly now.

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