How bad is the rust?

How bad is the rust?


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I am looking for some input as to how bad this tub really looks. It is from a '91 YJ, and I am hoping to use it for my CJ7. There are a few holes, which I am guessing from what I have read, are normal spots. The back end is the worst. This will never be a show truck, but I do want something that looks good. Even though I am here in the rust belt, this Jeep will see very little salt once it has been completed. Any input is appreciated.
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Not half as bad as mine, but I'm replacing mine.

Doesn't look to hard to salvage, you can buy replacement panels to weld in.

If you don't have a welder... I suggest you get one.

Yuck dude. I own a welding shop and I would fold that thing up and toss it in the dumpster. If you have the time, patience, and no other options, it can be done, but that is alot of cancer in my opinion. I'd keep lookin'.

well, I do have access to a welder, and plenty of time. trying to get this thing back on the road without spending a fortune, hence the YJ tub. I guess it is worse than I thought.
i got the same problem with my CJ7 just take it to a fab shop and you outta be good or weld them in yourself anything is better than tossing it
:censored:that's a 91 my 54 had less rust I would keep looking till you find something better

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