How to test a Dana 300 while not installed

How to test a Dana 300 while not installed

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Blue and rust colored.
I've found someone selling a Dana 300 on the cheap, but it's on the cheap as he "doesn't know the condition". He sent me pictures and the case was refinished as if someone had rebuilt it. My worry of course is that someone rebuilt it and had leftover parts or otherwise didn't know what he was doing. Is there a way I can function test it at all before I pick it up from him?
You can visually check it by examining the oil for contaminants, seals for leaks, case for cracks, etc., then you can turn the input shaft while shifting through the various positions of the selector lever while observing the output shafts for proper function. If he will let you open up the case and examine the internals for condition, that would be even better.
As Les said you can check it visually but the gear driven tcases are sometimes hard to shift. This may especially be true if the tcase is removed and it might make you think the case is bad. Once it is installed and has fresh oil in it it may work great.
After giving it the once over take off the access panel on the bottom. See if it has been full of oil or mud. If it's been dry or had water in it there may be rust.
The Dana 300 is an excellent TCase. If you don't see anything visually wrong with it I would buy it. These gear driven transfer cases hold up for decades.
Thanks for the info! You guys rule.

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