How would the starter solinoid act when bad

How would the starter solinoid act when bad


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1976 CJ 5, 232 6cyl 3spd lots of rust,good frame,Dana 44s w/373 gears,ProComp 4in lift kit
I put a used starter on last weekend due to the one that was on it had bad bearings.It started good all day Sunday.Went to start it today and act like it was kicking in but then go zing.Havent tried to jump around the solenoid yet.But what does this sound like?
Teeth missing maybe? Either on the flywheel or the starter. The zing sounds to me like the starter is trying to engage, but isn't making a connection.
the solinoid will just click, and the starter wont engage. jumping the solinoid will tell you weather the solinoid is bad or the starter is bad. but the solinoid is the cheapest fix
Problem starter
Glad you got it fixed.

The starter has a bendix drive that is engaged by sucking in a rectangular block under the sheet metal cover. There is a set of contacts in there that can get dirty. Or packed with mud. :D


That's a solenoid mounted on the inner fender.

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