I got in say a fender bender and wanted to know the best replacement parts to by

I got in say a fender bender and wanted to know the best replacement parts to by


86 CJ7 Laredo Black
The Jeep was totally gone thru, 124k original miles on body,
New Crate engine and Trans, Weber Carb, Interior replaced back to stock, Dana 44 Rear, Dana 35 Front, 2.5 " Suspension Lift 1" body 33-12.50 Tires on Mickey Thompson Wheels, New Dupont Paint
I am looking for the best steel body replacement parts,
I need a hood, passenger side fender and flare ( but i think i am going to go with a new set of 4 non oem flares), cowl, and either a cowl side plate that is right under the cowl with Jeep stamped on it or the piece that runs under the door to the front fender under the side of the cowl with jeep stamped on it,

I have heard most of these are made by the same place etc but i want quality parts and willing to pay more to get the quality parts over the cheaper made ones,

Can anyone point me in the right direction,
seem to have the same supplier,
I have found some other suppliers
like morris and classic enterprises
but I would love some opinions and as many people on here have replaced parts on the body due to rust or like me or building a jeep there has got to be some info on this
i have used replacement body parts before and i dont think its that big of a deal considering for the most part its the same thing. but original parts if found in good condition i think fit better and look more normal if you know what to look for.

as far as fender flares and cowls. i think alot of people have the same supplier because so many people have purchased those parts and have been happy. often its not a particular site that hase the better parts but finding out which part is better.

what i try to do is find someone who has what im looking for and they are always glad to tell you the truth about the product. if your looking for fender flares find someone that has them and strike up a convo cause mot the time they did research
Well im going with morris 4x4, i didnt even know they were a sponsor till after I called, he was the most help full by far and told me what I needed to know,
Im going over my order tomorrow, i dont wont to leave out some stupid grommet or something,
So the plan is jeep is going to get the parts replaced and painted a week from monday as long as the parts are in and nothing crazy happens,

Another good thing is the body shop I am using is a Dupont shop, and 3 of the workers have Jeeps, that always makes me feel better,
We just seem to be on the same wavelength over a guy with a coffee can muffler on a cavalier for example, not flaming just an example:chug:

Cant wait to get it back,
Just in time to take of the Hard top
3 workers have jeeps... good sign

take some pics im curious!

wishing the best :chug:

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