Ignition Coil Question

Ignition Coil Question


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Hi all, I am new to the forum and have seen many great, detailed answers to many questions but I could not find an answer to address my question.

I have an 1985 CJ7 Laredo that I did a body off frame restoration back in 1999. It is in near show room shape because when I finished it I started a family and have not had many 4WD trips. But on to the question: Is there anything special about the ignition coil on the 258 with a Duraspark ignition?

The original coil is working but looks bad, was chrome but now not so good. I had an Accel 8140, 12 volt, Universal high ,output coil that was brand new from some previous project. I put it in and engine would not start. Put the original back and it fires right up. I had another Accel coil that was used and tried it and engine would not start. Put the old one back and I am running off it again.

Any idea why these other standard 12 volt coils will not work with the Jeep ignition system?

Thanks for your help.
Hmm.. Accel shows the 8140 for point type dist. and would need a ballast resistor. They show the 8145 for electronic dist.

-->> ACCEL Ignition - FAQ

-->> 8145 and 8145C coils sheet -->> Wiki - ACCEL SuperStock Breakerless Electronic Coils

According to Morris, MSD calls for a different coil for points or electronic. -->> Jeep Parts Accessories - MSD Performance Parts

This page says you need to run a ballast resistor if you don't have one or a resistor wire. -->> WPS:AMC:Motorcraft distributor upgrade

Another post saying a points coil will not work with a Duraspark. -->> The FORDification.com Forums • View topic - Duraspark II conversion

I know when I had a Duraspark system, I had a MSD box with an MSD coil and it worked fine - of course the parts were made for comparability.
Thanks for the references CJ. I will check them out. It seems that there may be some differences in a points type coil and and a solid state ignition. I will post what I learn on this.

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