ignition upgrade??

I think it would be better, but I question how much? I have been trying to figure out what dizzy to use on my 360, and I'm looking at a few models in the $180-$280 range. I think most of the cheaper ones only use one set of lower bearings, vice upper and lower set. I also don't think they would be "tuned" as well as the others. Some of the others are custom tuned, which would affect the timing advance.
I think the saying "You get what you pay for" applies here. ;)
I agree, "you get what you pay for". Just looking for "the best bang for the buck".

I used the D.U.I in my "66 with the Dauntles V6, big differnce there, but I was going from a points dist. to HEI. Peeerrred like a kitten. That was around the $200 mark.
I would think it would be a fine "everyday" dizzy, and probably noticeably better than stock. I saw some for around the $110. area that also looked pretty good.
Either way you go, let us know how it works! :)
either way you go, first do a search on getting the right dizzy gear. I guess some of the cheaper HEI dizzys use a different hardness gear than the cam gear, leading to self destruction in short order.
jeephammer has info on this stuff, look him up in a google search.

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