Instrument cluster.

Instrument cluster.


Charlotte, NC
76 CJ5 258
I'm having issues with the fuel, temp, and Speedo on my 76 CJ5 . I took the cluster out and went through it and cleaned the housing. the speedo looks to be moving correctly and cable in right, but the needle is bouncing all over the place. I examined the gears and wasn't able to determine anything. As far as the fuel gauge. I wasn't getting any reading on it. I put it back together(fuel and temp look like they are new) and checked the wiring. It registers full until I put it in the dash, then it goes to 1/4 and now it says empty. Any ideas? Sound like the sending unit? All the other gauges are working. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks-Nix
i recently went through a repair of my CJ5 fuel gauge. first, did the gauge work
before you "cleaned" it? second, remove connection from gauge (pink wire on 79) and short gauge pole to ground using a clip lead. if gauge registers full then
you might have a sending unit problem.. if it doesn't, make sure you have things
connected correctly....
if the gauge worked before you cleaned it, it could be as easy as a mis-wired
i removed my fuel tank 4 or 5 times trying to fix it...not fun at all... my new
sending unit developed a leak in the float ball and believe me that wasn't fun
---- radman
The speedo bouncing around may be in the gears of the speedo itself, or it could be the gears on the transfer case end may be stripped. That's a tough one to diagnose. As for the gas gauge, welcome to owning a CJ. :D That's one of those little gremlins that just about every CJ owner has. There's a good chance it's in your sending unit.

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