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Where's your gas?
Up until 1965 the gas tank was under the drivers seat and the filler would be in front of the back tire.
The windshield looks to be a '55. The wipers were on the top of the windshield although yours are now gone. The interior windshield latches are the old style but I'm confused by the gas tank.
From the pictures it was built before 1972 as by the shifters it has a Spicer 18 transfer case with an overdrive. I’m with Busa if really a 1955 jeep the gas tank should be under the front seat (Don’t you just love riding on top of a fire bomb?) with the filler in the depressed area of the body next to the driver. The tub could have been replaced and the hood looks like it could be from a military version with the notch on the driver’s side but the only way to know for sure is to check the VIN. If you can’t find one on the body (try under the hood) check the frame, it should be on top of the frame over the passenger’s side rear wheel. Maybe this jeep as an illicit past…….

VIN Numbers:
The gas tank is between the rear frame rails and the filler is to the right of the tailgate. I am not sure if this is stock or not.
The gas tank is between the rear frame rails and the filler is to the right of the tailgate. I am not sure if this is stock or not.
That would be stock if the jeep was a '65 or newer. That's what is confusing.
So if it is a '55 CJ5 then the gas tank was replaced and modified to fit behind the rear axle. Also the body was replaced since the old filler no longer exists.
The windshield could be from a '55 and as Saddle Tramp pointed out maybe the drive train.
It's hard saying but it looks like someone used 2 jeeps to make one.
What's the VIN number? Did you check out the link that Saddle Tramp posted?
I would be suspicious if the title says it is a 1955. If you are looking to buy it of course the decision is yours but we have all heard the stories about the long lost ride surfacing from the deep and being returned to the rightful owner. I have a cousin in the Bay Area who bought a CJ in Oregon long ago with a buggy title that he couldn’t get California to accept so he used my Dads address in Oregon for years to renew the plate. The point is I know things get screwed up sometimes that are hard or impossible to fix and this CJ could be 100% legit but I would want to have a little more comfort. Check the frame VIN with the title and if they don’t match and there isn’t a State Police of equivalent certificate to prove it’s OK run away and don’t look back. How would you feel if it was your missing jeep?
they moved the tank in 68 not 65
ok, give me the serial number and I will date the thing for you

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