Lame CJ question

Lame CJ question


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:confused: A guy in my area says he has a set of "long nose" fenders. What does this mean? asked the ignorant guy.
Not a lame question at all. You may want other advice, because this is just memories of things I think I knew..but sort of forgot.......maybe....
Anyhoo, In 1970, AMC bought Kaiser, and nothing really changed untill 1972, when AMC REALLY wanted to start putting their own engines into the jeep. That meant the little short 4 banger, and the Dauntless Buick 225 V6 Dauntless Buick 225 V6 was going away. It was replaced by the AMC 232 i6 / AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l inline 6's which were longer engines, so the CJ5 was stretched out, A LOT, I don't have the actual #'s but It's a notable stretch. Much of this extra length came from the nose section to accomodate the new power plants. I'm sure you could do a web search and find all the details, as this is pretty much dumbed up general knowledge.
Here is what I can add to the topic:
Yes, pre 72 models come with the short nose fenders, but I know there are at least two types of long nose fenders.
The only real difference is with the inner skirting of the fender, not the outside. The 72 to 81 is cut for the lower, welded front shock-mount while the 82 to 86 is cut to fit the taller shock tower. I know the later fender is more rounded on the inside while the older ones are more boxed in shape..comparing my a 75 to my 85 atleast.
Sweet thanks for the feedback. So my '76 should take the fenders from a '79.
Sweet thanks for the feedback. So my '76 should take the fenders from a '79.

Yup. For the most part, most stuff will swap around with little or no mods on CJ's from 76 to 86.
Sweet thanks for the feedback. So my '76 should take the fenders from a '79.
Easily - One thing to remember about CJ parts, most if not all 'Modern' CJ parts are interchangeable. At least by what I and many other CJ owners (I bet you also) define the word 'Interchangeable' by. You may end up elongating a hole or maybe adding another here and there, but that unless I have to cut up something or weld it (extensively) - it's about as 'bolt on' as it gets.

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