LAMO! CW, FF and Chat...

LAMO! CW, FF and Chat...


Central FL
'72 CJ5, 401, T18, D20, D44, D30
'82 CJ8, 258, D300, AMC20, D30
To answer the question... Yes I see all!

Too funny! :laugh: I love it! Thanks!

We thought you might like it....... or give us hell :D
Man why didn't I think of that...:(
That is funny as :dung:. I drew a few pics a while back for CJ. He was in the chat room, but not responding. SoI drew him a pic of my CJ7 in blue, then a pic of his CJ5 in pink. I don't think he saw those!:D He never responded!
Anyone else notice the two members in question choice of 'Manly Colors'? :laugh:
HEY!..."I" am secure in my masculinity, and am not afraid of getting in touch with my softer, more feminine side! :D
Hey ! I like the color purple!

"once you've gone PURPLE, theres no going back!" :laugh:
That Picasso is pushing the limits - but since it could only bee seen by those two at the time and my Niece draws better then that, I thought it was funny... Much more then that and I would have had a 'little talk'... :)
I was just trying to figure out what he was doing to that poor dog in the first drawing! At least I think thats a dog? :D
That is a lasso and a cow!

Oh, now I see. But this is a cj site, why is he drawing pics of cow "wranglers"?:D
It was a picture of the jeep getting worked on
see the winch in the front

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