Leaking Windshield Gasket

Leaking Windshield Gasket


South Carolina
1981 CJ-5; 151ci; SR4; Dana 300;Dana 30; AMC 20
I just replaced the rubber gasket in between the winshield frame and the body where the windshield folds, but it leaks even worse now. Does anyone have any suggestions for sealing this area? I thought about using mastic tape (used to seal panels of metal roofing), but I am not sure if it would work or not. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Could it be that the windshield isn't pressing down on the gasket hard enough? Is the windshield back against the doors? If not loosen up the knobs that hold the windshield in place and see if the windshield can be moved back any.
This gasket has a lip that folds up onto the windshield. Is that tight or is that where water is coming in.
I had the same problem finally took it to a place that puts in windshields. The guy said he had done quite few. He put in a new rubber seal and put down a bead of silicone between the window and the rubber seal. He said it is very tight fit that it was easy to break the window. It has been 6 yrs and no leaks.

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