Build Thread Let the Fun Begin

Build Thread Let the Fun Begin


Cynthiana, IN
77 CJ5 not sure engine type just yet but does have some edelbrock parts
Well i just bought my first CJ about a month ago. its a 77 CJ5 with a AMC 304 . i was messin with it yesterday changing oil and removing seats when i looked up at the frame and realized the frame is probably shot. After talking it over with the girlfriend we have decided we will completely restore. It will be painted black with nickel plated rocker panels then it will have a design on hood for all my brothers who have served before me and we cant find. Finally i will have it completely rewired and the engine rebuilt since the idiot who owned it before me jerry rigged every thing. If any of yall can give me some tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated since i am not a mechanic or a body man. Will post pictures as i go.:chug:
Tanker -

I'm in the process of completely rebuilding a 75 CJ5 and I'm no mechanic either. I spent a bunch of time reading the forums here before I started and asking questions. Really helped me sort out what I had and where I wanted to go with my build. The second suggestion is to take lots of pictures when you are taking things apart. Really helps when you start putting things back together, cause your pictures will have more detail of where things go than what the manuals will show.

That's my 2 cents. Good luck with your build.

Bill :chug:
Nickel plated rockers? Thats something new. Should look kinda cool.
I'll add in that when you take that stuff apart bag the hardware and label it. You may think you'll remember where it went and in what orientation , but it could be the beginning of alot of frustration for nothing.

Life interupts as well. So what you saw as getting back to it in a week sometimes can be months later. :eek:

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