Build Thread Let the rebuild begin

Build Thread Let the rebuild begin


Hello purchased my first jeep a couple weeks back, was in decent shape, had a bad lifter and cam in it, Replaced the cam and lifters with a new comp cam and lifters, and replaced all fluids,The jeep is a 1976 CJ5 with the AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l Dana 44 rearend locked and the Dana 30 upfront T-150 3-speed and a set of 34 super swampers, only a few bad spots of rust under the two seats, I have started the teardown and almost ready to start painting my frame and replacing all body bushings and start on the body repair, Its gonna be a slow process but really looking forward to it, This is my first jeep rebuild and will be looking here for lots of help and suggestions, I am posting a few pics of the process so far. Thanks for looking and look forward to reading some comments....Thanks and GOD BLESS
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What comp cam did you go with?
What comp cam did you go with?

Sorry guys, been busy working on the jeep, I got it all stripped down and got the frame primed and 2 coats of paint on top, gonna flip it tomorrow and paint the bottom, got the roll bars primed and finished stripping the tub and I went ahead and ordered all new floor panels, figured since I was this far I would go ahead and replace than patch, The energy suspenion bushings came in yesterday and as soon as the frame is dry and I finish painting the front and rear end I will start putting them in. Its going slow but so far its been fun, but cant wait to get it back on the road, Coldair, I will have to find my paperwork on the cam, I cant remember what size it was, Ill look, and I will post some pics of the progress soon, Thanks again
looks good so far , looking forward to progress pics
Got the front and rear ends primered and the skid plate and dash. And also the roll bars.And the fame is complete, waiting for it to cure then start building again.
Got the axles painted up today, as soon as they are dry enough I'll start putting the new energy suspenion bushing in and putting them back on the frame. Also I am wanting to sale the rims that came on the jeep, I am wanting some 15x10's to help spread the swampers out a bit, I am gonna keep the tires but sale the rims, I am gonna go with some black rims.
looking good. What color did you go with? I love how the PO painted it, leaving the red all over the radiator. Classy
I went with Kubota Bright Orange 2 paint, They use it on the newer models. It doesnt need a clear coat and so far looks good. Yea everything on the jeep had paint on it, it had 4 different coats of paint, I did alot of work to take it back to bare metal, I didnt want a perfect cause I dont wanna get mad when I scratch it, Hey its a
looks good dude. My coworker goes up there to Philadefia to vist his inlaws
looks good dude. My coworker goes up there to Philadefia to vist his inlaws
Well Got the Jeep finished for now, Drove it a few days and noticed a leak from the engine (water) Thought it was just a hose, Found it to be a crack in the block, Yes I had plenty of anti-freeze in it. I tried Bars stop leak in it but did not stop, Drained the system and ground a V in it and packed with JB weld, Held for a few days and started leaking again, ground out all JB weld and tried again, Nope still didnt hold, Found a product called K&W Block seal, Said double your money back warrenty, So dumped the whole bottle in, Still leaks a small amount of water, Gonna drive it with this motor adding water when needed till winter then start installing a chevy 350/350/ and Chevy axles.
How does it run with that cam?
then used to make a product called liquid glass that would seal the system too. maybe try to hunt some of that up.
How does it run with that cam?

Engine ran fine with that cam before the rebuild began, Im still trying to get all the kinks out since the rebuild, had some water get in my tank so trying to get it all out, other than that, I like the cam.

I have looked for the liquid glass around here but havent found any, may have to order it.
Looking good and I am glad to see you killed the "Flip Cap"! Keep up the work and you will be on the road soon or off of it if you want!:D

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