Looing for a new project?

Looing for a new project?

elwood blues

Always Off-Roading Jeeper
Export, PA
1978 CJ7 4.2L Comp Cam & valve train, MC2100 carb, MSD ignition, Dana 30 front, T18 trans, Dana 20 txfr, AMC 20 rear.
Are you looking for an over the winter project? Do you live in the northeast? Because for right around $2K this;

1986 Jeep CJ7 1400 or best offer

plus this;

289 V8 Engine and C4 Trans

Could equal a lot of fun for not a lot of money.

I'd think about doing, but I've been told if I come home with another Jeep, I've already got two, the wife will probably kill me, so I'll leave this idea out there for someone else...
that is a hell of a deal. i wished i live there. i would sell the ford stuff and just keep the jeep. o and about the wife. have you ever heard the song from brad paisley (im gonna miss her):D
~ oh and about the wife. have you ever heard the song from brad paisley (im gonna miss her):D


Snatch that up and forget about the valve job. :laugh:

I've put some serious thought into it. The only problem is I'm due to transfer next May, and with a baby due the day after Thanksgiving, I don't want to not be done with the motor swap and have all of that stuff to move... you know what I mean?
You could always just fix the frame and get her all legal , then do the motor swap after you move. Of course with a new baby there that might be an awful long motor swap. :) Not that Im trying to convince you to buy another Jeep or anything. :D

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