Looking for heater ducting

Looking for heater ducting


Questa, NM
1983 cj-7 renegade, 258 ci motor, t5 tranny, Dana 300 t/fer case.
I need to replace the heater ducting that goes from the floor plenum up to the defroster. This is flexible, like the same material that the air cleaner intake to the front is made of. I have checked quadratic and Morris 4x4 and did a general search but no luck. Any suggestions?
Thanks for both. They are what I'm looking for. I can usually search pretty well an I am sorry I missed this in both places I looked. I sincerely appreciate you help and in no way was I looking to have someone do my search work for me.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!
No worries. We're all here to help! I had an unfair advantage since I just had to order one ;)

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