Master Rebuild Kit

Master Rebuild Kit


New Braunfels, TX
1979 Cj7 all stock...currently have the 304 pulled out and I'm the process of getting a 360 put in.
I pulled my AMC 304 outta my 1979 CJ7 . Was looking into a swap with a 360 or doing something as drastic as a Chevy 350, but decided to dump some money into the AMC 304 . Seems to be the least expensive route and it was running good when I pulled it.

Question is...Which would be the best master rebuild kit?

Sorry if this is a repeat question, I did a search and came up with nothing.

Thanks in advance, Andrew
You may be able to find a good low mileage on the rebuild AMC 360 on Craig’s List or your local bone yard that will drop right in. Keep your Jeep, Jeep.
i usually like going with summit racing for my parts as they get to the house pretty quick. I also like forged pistons and gapless rings with every build i do so i usually have to piece it together to get what I want. A really good place to start would be your machinist. he can also get you the compete rebuild kit for a good price
Sealed Power pistons & rings, with Fel Pro gaskets, Clevite bearings, and cam of your liking is a safe bet.

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