Mc 2100 ?

Mc 2100 ?

Rusty Shank

Chino California
1978 cj7 golden eagle
304 with a automatic trans, Quadratrac w/Hi-Lo BW 1339 transfer case
3.5 lift. Rear locker 32in tires
Power steering. Front disk breaks drum in the rear.
3 core radiator
I found out that i am missing the weight that sit on the discharge ball so i pick one up on the way home frome work and put it in and now the accelerator pump will not spit fuel out. I pulled it out and now the weight has a little bend in it from were i screwed the venturi screw in. how long are these weights and are they tight against the ball or is the weight free to move up and down inside the venturi screw.
The weight and size of that weight varies between the different varients of MC2100. The weight and ball should be free to move.

A good rebuild kit for your correct type of MC2100 will have a replacement weight and ball.
The cab has no tag any other way to find out the exact model I have.
Elwood thanks for your replies. I got to to the bottom of my carb problem. after having the old guy next door that says he was a engine builder and all of the other BLA BLA do the rebuild on the carb I had to take it all apart and fix it. He is in his early 70's with a bad heart or I would of ripped him a new one i tell ya. Well the problem was that i had no ball weight and when i tried to put one in it would not fit because i had a extra ball so after pulling the extra ball and putting it back together she runs like a raped ape. Thanks for the help fellas keep up the good work.

The guys over at carburator land took care of me when i went in to ask a few things and buy the ball weight real good guys so if anyone on the site live's in southern California near Lakewood check out there shop nice people and the shop is well stocked with carbs and parts.
Hey, no problem at all, good to hear you got it all straightened out.

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