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mini spooler


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Any of you folks run a mini spooler in your CJs?? I'd like to get the rear locked up tight and thats the simplest "cheapest" way to go. I've used one in a Camaro with only slight tire problems but the track was a bit wider and the turning radius was a lot longer. Any suggestions? Thanks
The only problem I see is that the stock AMC20 carrier is not the strongest thing around. If I was going with a spool I would spend the extra $ and get a full spool.
You might want to check some of the jeep classifieds for a used Detroit locker I've seen some pretty cheap in the past.
A mini spool is an inexpensive and easy way to install a spool but as Old Dog already said the AMC20 is not strong enough to handle a spool. The problem with the AMC20 is the 2 piece axles. Now if you were to install one piece axles then I would say you could easily get a mini spool or lunch box locker.

I would recommend a lunch box locker (or any locker) over a spool. You would want a little differential action.
Thankd Old Dog and Dave,
I do have 1 piece Alloys in the rear so maybe the spooler or I'll check into the Lunch Box Locker - never heard of them but I'm game for anything. Or possibly the thing to do is keep an eye open for used air lockers rear and front and make that "the next stage" along with the 4:1 Atlas transfercase. Thanks again for the help.
Here's your options;
Selectable locker: OX Locker or ARB. This would be the best of both worlds. It is unlocked until you need it. A short wheelbase isn't good for an automatic locker especially in winter. You live in Michigan so slick winter roads are a problem. The major disadvantage to a selectable locker is the price.
Automatic Locker: Detroit Locker. Less expensive but it has handling problems on road.
Lunchbox Locker: This is a nickname for the automatic lockers that install into your existing differential carrier. Ausi Locker and Lock-Right are examples. The advantages are that they are very inexpensive and easy to install. You don't need special tools and you won't have to mess with the gears.
Spool: makes your rear tires always turn in unison.
Mini Spool: Like the lunchbox locker the mini spool can be installed into your existing differential carrier. It is inexpensive and works as if you installed a spool.
Lincoln Locker: Weld the gears inside your open differential (spider and axle gears) and you effectively turn it into a spool. This is the cheapest option.
Spooling the rear is a very easy and cheap way to lock it...however, as stated, you have absolutely no differentiation and you will wear out tires quickly. Even with a lockright or any number of lunchbox can gain differentiation by staying off the gas in turns...thereby keeping the locker from engaging creating a smoother turn and less wear.

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