Monstaliner question

Monstaliner question


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1983 cj7 , six cylinders , 5 speed , 2.5 inch skyjacker suspension lift , 2 inch body , 35 x 12.50 x 15's ,one piece axles , just bought this cj after PO stored for the past 25 yrs ,
Well , I just took out the shag carpet and there are no holes anywhere. I little surface rust is all I found. This cj seems to be in outstanding condition. I am thinking of using Monstaliner #934 Chassis saver and leaving this as the interior coating. Has anyone used this product ? Any better ideas to preserve this cj.
im not sure but i bet monstaliner is just like herculiner. thats what i used in my tub. its a roll on bed liner. i hate it. it gets dirty and you have to scrub with a scrub brush to get clean, or else power wash the interior out. the dirt stays in all the low spots and looks like :dung:. if its a street jeep then it would be ok. it does look good all cleaned up and shiny black.
Monstaliner makes a bedliner product and a chassis saver product. The one I plan to use is a smooth silver aluminum coating. My plans were to repaint the cj some day and I could paint over this if I change the color.
i say go for it. just make sure you do all the prep work top notch. :)
oh and post pics!

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