more gauge help

more gauge help


Northern Kentucky
84 CJ7 with 2.5 liter 4 cylinder. T4 and dana 300. Tow vehicle 08 F250 Powerstroke 4x4
So I have used every gauge thread on here. I got the Voltmeter working and most of the lights in the speedo inclsuing the 4WD drive light and turn signals. I still have an issue with one of the three speedo backlight bulbs. It has a single orange wire to it and plugs in up high on the speedo. I know that they all have to ground to the speedo through their sockets. I am getting power to it when i test it with a test light but when i plug it in i get nothing.

Also I still cant get the freakin gas gauge and temp gauge to work. Nor the oil pressure. I am going to drop the tank tomorrow to see what if anything I can see there. With both the temp and gas gauge not working it seems like its a grounding issue. Anybody run into anything similiar?
Run a ground wire from one of the speedo mounting studs to a good clean ground.

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