Motorcraft 2100

Motorcraft 2100


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1979 CJ7 304 T-150 D20 D30 AMC20
2000 Subaru Outback Limited
I have a 1979 CJ7 Three Speed with a AMC 304 V-8 with a Motorcraft 2100 Carburator. When the engine is cold (ie. first thing in the morning) I have to mash the gas pedal several times to get it started. When I do get the engine running if I press the gas pedal just a bit the engine dies. This process continues until the engine temprature starts to go up then it will run fine. Is this something that is normal? Or should I consider doing a Carburator rebuild/swap? Also after the engine is at normal operating temprature I can smell gas at the exhaust pipe when I am running down the Highway. I don't usually smell it when the CJ is parked and idling. Thanks for your help
if you smell gas you might be running to rich. also check the choke and make sure its workin right.
When the engine is cold the choke plate is chut when the engine is hot the choke plate is is about half way open.
When the engine is hot the choke should be all the way open. It might be bad or need adjusting.
I would also check the power valve to be sure it's not cracked and leaking.

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