Mounting hard top...

Mounting hard top...


Silver City New Mexico
1982 1-Ton CJ-8 Scrambler, kinda not stock any more...
Thought I would say hello and introduce myself in my first post along with my questions.

My Name is Dan I live in Colorado and have an 82 Scrambler on 42's...

I'm going back to a hard top and am wondering how some, any or all of you guys or gals mount your hard tops to the windshield frame? Pic's would be awesome.

Thank you all :-)...

Hi Dan, welcome to the site :ww:

I don't have any pics, but I only use 3 stainless steel sheet metal screws through the hardtop into the windshield frame. The hardtop itself is secured down using 4 truck camper shell clamps, I've never had any issues with the tops trying to come off driving down the road.
Yeah I'm not worried about it coming off driving down the road, I spend very little time on the road or street with it. When I first got my mine it had a full hard top on it and when driving off road it would flex and gap at the windshield frame, with 3 latches across the front. I'm going half cab and want to eliminate that flex.

Does any one use something other than just screws?

Thanks :-)...
Mounting a hardtop..... given the physical properties of the top i would suggest doggy style :eek::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

Is making an idiot out of yourself your normal MO or just this time???

What a Jackass, if this is what you get here I'll prolly not be around long!
man it was a joke, you know humor. sorry i offended. some people you just can't do that with. sorry again. there is alot of helpful people here, including myself (atleast i try to be most of the time) but its also a place for people to be friendly, and have a little fun, not just strictly for Q&A how boring would that be? again it was joke, a little friendly joke meant to make you laugh.
sorry if i offended anybody else. there will be no more humor from me. strictly business.:eek:
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what kind of latches were/are you using across the windshield ??
That sure sounds like a lot of flex in the body.:cool:
if you have that much movement I don't think you want it too secure, something will brake, more than likely the roof.
what kind of latches were/are you using across the windshield ??
That sure sounds like a lot of flex in the body.:cool:

It had 3 basic hook and pull back/down latches on there when I bought this rig in '99, of course even that windshield frame is long gone and I have ran a soft, bikini or no top at all since then.

I have always thought that part of the flex is because the full hard top on a Scrambler is so long that it prolly gave a little extra flex, with a half cab I'm sure some of that will be eliminated. I was just curious as to what some of you use...

Thank you :-).
Allegis Corporation

take a look at these from Allegis Corp. I had to really talk nice to them to sell them to me and I had to buy 4 of them in stainless steel. They are not cheep and you have to fab the hook they latch to. :D
I have a "Tank Top", an after market top made in the late 70's early 80's and this is as close as i have found to the original, which eventually gave it up. These are stout little clamps.:cool:
Those are fairly similar to what mine had on it with the original windshield frame, but they were not twisters.

That is for sure the kind of suggestion I was looking for though, thank you.
That is what I love about this forum. I am mounting my hard top right now, and this is exactly what I was looking for. BTW I work at a truck and trailer dealership, and we are a dealer for Allegis. I love when things are easy! Any cool ideas out there for the rear of the hard top, other than 8 nutserts and 8 bolts?

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