Build Thread My 1953 cj3b build.

Build Thread My 1953 cj3b build.


1953 CJ3b
Well, I got alot of work to do on it, so here we go!
Nice flat fender.
Are you going to rebuild the stock 4 banger or swap in a newer engine?
Yea, i'm going to rebuild the original, going to take some time though. I'm on a low budget. Kid came around the same time I pulled it in the garage.
I agree with keeping it original. I'm gona watch your thread but you gotta get some better picture quality some how?
Also use the 3B page for reference, So much good info there.
Here's the better pics, and more of the jeep. The motor right and left, and the transmission. Finally got it unfroze. Let it soak in marvels miracle oil put a pair of vice grips on the shaft that slides into the clutch worked it back an forth and it started moving. But I can't get the driveshaft ends to turn, so I think I'll soak the transfer case and the lower end maybe that'll get it. Still going to put new bearings in.
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Hmm your tranny rebuild will be fun:(
Some pics of the floors, engine compartment, and my tires that were on it. Old directional co-ops my dad had the two on the back right, and the ones on the front were backwards, so he could reverse it out if he had to.

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