Build Thread My 76 CJ-5 restoration project.

Build Thread My 76 CJ-5 restoration project.


SE Wisconsin
1976 CJ-5 AMC 360 T-18 trans Dana 20 t-case D30/AMC20 axles, 1977 J-20 360 T-18, 2005 Unlimited 4.0 auto 6" lift 35"s
I got my CJ5 when i was 16 years old. It was mint green in color and originally white. Came with a 258 and t-18 trans. I cant find pics of it when i first got it. I daily drove a 85 AMC eagle wagon so i worked on the CJ on my spare time. I did some patch work to the body sides and floors, primered the repaired spots and put a 4" lift kit on it that i bought used for $75. One day the eagle decided to drop a cylinder mechanically so i started driving the CJ every day throughout my Junior year in high school. My dad and I painted it on the summer before my senior year and i have a pic from my senior pictures of it. 3 months after painting it, i hit a deer on my way home from work. It messed up the drivers side fender pretty good and bent the bumper. I tried building up the 258 with a 4 barrel intake, cam, and headers. It ran pretty good and sounded cool, but an 18 year old always wants more power. While i went to tech college i swapped in an AMC 360 from a J-10 pickup. I did some add ons to that which included a 4 barrel offy intake, cam, and fenderwell headers. The Jeep was a riot to drive after that!!! I often had people try to race me at stop lights and i never It turned into a weekend cruiser after the V-8 but i still drove it a lot. Used it for off roading a few times, had switched from 33" to 35" tires over the years, but it never let me down. Almost 2 years ago i noticed the body rot had came back and taken its toll. I found and bought an unfinished 78 CJ project that somebody had with a new Omix steel tub and a bunch of other stuff then decided to tear them both down and restore mine. Its coming together....slowly. Just about everything is new/restored. I built a new .040" over 360 that should have over 300 hp......yeah i still like the! Its been upgraded to 4 wheel disc brakes as well. The pics will explain a lot.

Thanks for reading!...:chug:


Getting rusty and time for tear down.


Donor project i bought. It was a 78 CJ7 that had a rotted frame that got shortened for the CJ5 body but just wasnt right.

Tore them both apart, blasted and painted my solid frame, and did the body work.

Looks like its comming along very nice.
Very nice!
Thanks! Im hoping to be driving it once again this spring.
Looks great! Im 15 and bought my first car a 76 CJ5 with a 258 a few months ago. Would you mind if i asked you for help if i ever need any?
Awesome read, great looking project!
That looks great!! Glad to see another CJ with a 360. Couple of questions. What brand did you use for the bedliner? Did you rotor and bottom bedliner? If so, about what was the cost? I ask because I'm setting everything up and I'm gonna redo my body, and I think I'm leaning towards rhino lining or linexing the inside and bottom.

Have you noticed very much of a problem with having those heavy full length headers on there? When I put mine on, I've always anticipated they would flex or something under a jump or something.

Love the read! I'm subscribing.

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