My 78 and its frame issues *pics*

My 78 and its frame issues *pics*


Dallas Tx
!978 CJ5
Well figured id do a first post on my main problem. I just bought this jeep 3 days ago. I have done a full tune up and stopped when i found all of this...

Left rear frame end

left rear where roll bar mounts

Right frame end


So now i ask, is this a easy fix? just cut a foot off and make a new box end? Im sure others have had this problem, what did you do. Also roll bar brkt area, big steel plate??

Thanks in advance
Welcome 78cj5! :chug: Better give you two :beer:s for your problem! :chug:

From the pics and your statement -
just cut a foot off and make a new box end?
Sounds like you can do some welding and have access to some fab equipment. If so, from the looks of that frame, it would probably in your best interest to just put on a new rear section... :)
Mine was rusted in the back also, although not so bad. They do make new pieces to weld on the old frame to box it in. I can't remember who off the top of my head though. If your a good fab guy you could make your own as you suggested.
i guess what im asking is if there is someone company or person who makes some kind of repair kit or something i need to fab myself...
i guess what im asking is if there is someone company or person who makes some kind of repair kit or something i need to fab myself...
Well - the cheapest is to fab your own, but one of members - Member certifiablejeep - has some pics on his site where he bought some prefabbed rails. They are not exactly cheap and I can't find the source (yet), so I'll send him a shout out to ask him to chime in here... :)
Wow, that's some serious cancer! Matkins makes complete replacement frames. As do others.
Where did you find this machine?? this looks like a case of rust to be sure but I think you have more than just a little work hardening as well. I hate to say this but if it were me I would be checking the country side for another frame. Did this come jeep up from the coast ??
In your other thread you stated you wanna run 36s also. Might be a good idea to " frame off " this one and start with another used frame. Id imagine you can find a decent one in Tx.
Agreed, if you are in TX and this was from there, it looks like it was right out of New England.

If the rust is that bad in the rear, it is that bad inside and all over... new dry frame might be the way to go... to do the repair right (weld up on top), you need to lift up the body anyway... which brings me to my next point.

If the frame is that bad, do you have pictures of the body mounts? They might be waiting to give you a nice surprise when you try to take them off! It is going to be an eye-opening experience.

NOTE: Don't keep eyes open and unprotected when removing things... it causes :dung: to get in there!

well not sure where it came from before ark. but thats where it came from and has been there for about 10 years. there is some rust in other areas but nothing i cant handle, i have a paint and body shop... im taking it over to a buddy that has a airride shop and they are going to back half the frame like i was going to bag it....said he would do it for 300-400 bux so turns out its not a big deal at all!!!
look in CL today 10/16/09 guy in Sherman has frame for 79 CJ. It could be a good thing.

Jeep CJ parts
Looks like I'm waaay late for the party... but my frame was worse than that, but after a piece of 1/4" plate from the local steel yard and copious use of my grinder, torch, and MIG, followed by some POR 15; I feel confident that it will stand up to the 33's I just installed. Here are some before and after pics. I didn't know it was gonna take me 2 weeks to do it when I started, but "safety first", so I may have gone a little overboard with the welding and grade 8 hardware. I made the templates out of cardboard and then traced them onto the 1/4" plate to make it easier. Take your time and you can do it :) All the guys and gals here are great help !!
This thread just saved me huge my 86 CJ7 has same problem I looked all over for just rear frame parts thought I was gonna be in for new replacement frame can you say gee hun the kids don't need that much to eat do they :notworthy:
Took Me a few to find it but I remember'd seeing these a while back while surfing Jeep site's. I have never used them just spotted them on the net and thought it might help you out

M.O.R.E. Frame Plates for Jeep CJs and YJs
yeah I had a real bad frame on my CJ7. Found one on ebay for $25, just had some rust in the rear by the shackles..all good now.

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