Narrow track build up or wide track swap

Narrow track build up or wide track swap


Malta, il
I recently bought a 76 CJ7. It has a 4 inch lift and 33's on it. The rear axle has yukon one piece axles in it. It is a T-150 Dana 20 combo and it needs serious regearing. This is my first narrow track CJ7 so heres the question. Will i see a big benifit from swaping wide tracks over offroad wise?( I am fine with its stability on the road) I could buy axles from a 4 banger that would be 4.10 gears already but i would have to buy one peice axles again. On top of that loose my 6 bolt front hubs. Also the front is drum brake which i would like to swap to discs. Ultimately I would like to end up with 4.10 gears and lunch box locker at least in the rear but probably front also. Suggestions
The biggest plus with WT axles is your tires won't hit the front springs anymore. I wouldn't worry about the 5 bolt hubs.
If they are cheap enough (I see them for 2-300 a pair quite offten) and have the gears you want I'd go for them.
will wide track bolt right up to a jeep that has narrow track?
will wide track bolt right up to a jeep that has narrow track?

Someone here may know already. But I would measure from the center of the the perches or you can and weld new ones. If you are doing lots of offroading I would go wide trac for more stability.
Ya im trying to deside between wide track axles or a set of full width under my jeep.

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