Need CJ5 hard top help

Need CJ5 hard top help


Fort Smith
I have a '72 CJ5, and I have the genII windsheild frame, but the upper door hinges are still on the tud, not the windsheild frame. Can I use this genII hard top and doors? I found this for $900

This is a pic of my '72 CJ5



Is that a good price for this hard top? Guy said all the weather strip is good.
It seems nice from the pics, seems new. It's a 2hr drive from me to get it. Is that a good price?
I don't believe they have made hardtops for the CJ5 for many, many years... :)

As for the price (I'm not sure what they should go for), I did a quick google search for CJ5 hartop for sale and came up with may hits - the price varies...

cj5 hartop for sale - Google Search

CJ-5 Hard top for sale -

CJ-5 Hardtop for sale -

CJ5 hard top and hard doors for sale (acme brand) -

CJ 5 Hardtop - PghOffRoad

For Sale 72-83 CJ5 Hard Top and Metal Doors Buffalo NY $400 - Early > Forums

There are many more...
It does look to be in good shape. If it is when your there in person its hard to argue the price. The CJ5 version is pretty hard to find. That said when I got there Id offer $700 and be showing the cash , but Id have the other $200 in my pocket to make sure. ;)
I emailed him before I posted this and asked if he'd take $800. He didn't seem to hesitate, just said that seems fair and asked when I could come get it.
great find Jphn, looks like next winter I will be sporting a hard top on the 67

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