Need help 4.0 conv pcv and elec choke connections

Need help 4.0 conv pcv and elec choke connections


Charleston SC
86 CJ7 258 AMC20(for now) 5spd mostly factory.....but hey, I've only had it for 3 months!
I just rebuilt my 258 and did the 4.0 head conversion. I added a Clifford intake and Weber 38 carb. Therein lies the problem. I need help routing the PCV vac line and the electric choke.

Yes, I want to stay electric on the choke due to the wife driving it routinely. The former Carter barb choke wires don't show any current on my multimeter. I'm assuming that is because they are routed through the manifold temp sensors which are not currently installed. I could install them on the manifold, but don't know if they need anything else to function properly.. What's the best way to connect it?

The 4.0 Valve cover has a PCV elbow, not an actual valve. Since I have stripped all the extra emissions :dung: off, I need to make sure i get this right. I have a breather cap connected by hose from the front of the valve cover to the inside of the air filter. Do I route the PVC line (the back hole on the valve cover) to the manifold vac port? Do I need to put a PCV valve inline? The one from my old cover is too small for the grommet and the book says one is not required for a 4.0.

Additional info:
Standard ignition, no EGR, check valves, etc connected. In fact the only electrical items connected are the alternator, coil, ignition mod, and coolant temp sensor(back corner of head) Additionally, the only vac lines connected are brake booster, vac advance and float bowl to canister.

Thanks in advance!
I havent looked at an electric choke set up in a while but off the top of my head most use 2 inputs to turn choke on and off. #1 would be a input from a oil pressure gauge to tell the relay to turn on only when the motor is running. #2 temp switch to tell it when to shut off. IF you google it theres a lot of write ups on the proper way to set em up. Most of the good articles come from old car sites.
Or I found this diagram that I drew up for another member. It uses 2 5 pole relays. The one marked on turns the choke on the one marked off shuts it off.

The green wire is actually the thin brown wire from the alternator. Im sure its a little confusing so please fell free to ask any questions.

Oh you may want to google how relays work if you dont know... that will answer alot of questions too.
That elbow is actually the PCV. I used one on my 4.0 head and it's the same one I've replaced on my wife's YJ. It is neccesary to vacate harmful gasses from the engine.
Your throttle plate should have a vacuum port for the PCV line. In some cases (Weber/Redline) the adapter plate will have this port.

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