need help with emissions stuff (pic)

need help with emissions stuff (pic)


Ft. Polk
85 CJ 7
2.5L engine

i am trying to get rid of unnecessary :dung: in the engine bay and need to know what the heck this is in the picture. the hose going up goes to the valve cover, and the hose going down goes to the charcoal cannister. the electrical connection isnt connected to anything, what is it for and where does it hook up? any help is greatly appreciated
Id say it was to the carb but not sure on the 2.5 engine. What carb are you running? Is it stock?
yes, its completely stock. i think the plastic piece is the PCV valve (not sure), but really unsure what the electrical connection is supposed to go to. thanks for the reply.

EDIT: its the YFA carb, or so the Haynes manual leads me to believe.

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