New carb,bad idle, need advise!

New carb,bad idle, need advise!

Red Dawg

central Alabama
83 CJ7 4 cyl / 5 spd. / 31x10.5x15 Mud Dawgs / YJ rollbar / 12500lb winch / stock axles 4 now
OK guys her it is so far:
~ replaced the rochester 2 bbl on my '83 151 GM engine.
~ before installing new Weber 38 DGS 2 bbl.
~ removed the vaccum advance and plenum and cleaned out (clogged w/
carbon build up)
~ installed new Weber, hooked up new throttle return spring,re-attached
throttle linkage, cut off metal fuel line and installed rubber line with
in-line fuel filter, hooked up pcv hose to carb.
~ now I want to hook up the vaccum line.

here is question #1: should I run the vaccum line from the vac advance (that I cleaned out) straight to the vac advance on the dist. and cap off the vac line on the carb? (tried hooking all lines into 1 and the port on carb seems to be doing nothing)

#2 - I am having trouble setting the proper idle. Weber carb has fuel mix on left side(looking in from front of vehichle) and air mix screw is on right side between carb and valve cover. throttle idle screw is backed off and not touching, adjusted fuel mix slightly, air mix is hard to adjust due to location, and when I put air filter back on the whole idle changes.
What is best way to set idle?

#3 - I am using the factory air filter and it fits into a pipe off the exhoust shield. I have been told this is for the choke to idle down.
Should I do away with this shield so the engine is getting clean cold air or leave it be and continue sucking hot air off the exhoust manifold?

#4 - I will be checking the timing and adjusting the hydrolic lifters and hopefully this will help with a little of the idle prob. But I read on another thread about installing a fuel pressure regulater. The 151 is manual fuel pump, what pressure is it providing? ( I need to find a fuel pressure gauge, huh?)

I'm typing this while I wait on the motor to cool off so I can try to hook up the vac lines.
I will take pics and upload this pm.

any suggestions from you guys will be helpfull.
I'm not a mechanic but I am tring to do the work myself.

The mechanics in my town will not work on old vehichles becouse they cannot plug in their computers!!!

sorry guys.....
I dont want to confuse anyone....

I removed the EGR valve and plenum and cleaned the carbon out!


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