New fuel lines needed??

New fuel lines needed??


Alpena, AR
77 Jeep CJ5 - Renegade - 304 w/3 spd - pretty stock at the moment.
Hey...I've been getting alot of help and advice from you guys. I had got some info earlier about changing the fuel sending unit. Haven't had a chance to tear into that project yet...but was wondering if there are other things I need to look at when I have the fuel tank out? Should I look at changing fuel lines? If so what all would I need in regards to lines, etc? that a job someone that isn't necessarily mechanically savvy could tackle? I just want to get as much done as I should with the tank out. I will eventually take the body off but for now I have no gas gauge...and I am losing about 1/3 of the fuel I put in during fill up due to a leaky filler hose. I got the filler hose...which was a pain to get because mine is the odd ball '77. Anyway...any help you guys can lend in regards to what I need to do and what I need to buy would be appreciated. thanks alot.
When I had my tank out it had rubber lines, I just got fuel line from the auto parts store and replaced them. If you have the steel tank check the seams for leaks.

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