New guy needs advice

New guy needs advice


Amity Oregon
1981 cj7 I4/4sp 4" lift 33x12.5 x15s one piece axels in rear , 2007 toyota ex cab 4x4 trd sport, sandrail with aluminum v8 mid engine, quads, motorhome to pull them all with.
I have a chance to get a Dana 30 with 456rp and a Detroit soft locker and a AMC20 with 456 rp and a Lockright in it and one peice axels. I have the same Dana 30/20 in my 81 CJ7 I4 4speep 33x12.50x15 but I have 383 rp and it feels like I need a little more gears. My ? is I read in my Jeep mag that the lockers were not fun on the pavement and hard to get used to. and I will be doing 50/50 pavement/mud. Could any one give some imput.
I had a lockrite for a few years in my CJ5. It does have some quirks on the street but it didn't bother me that much. Just be lite on the gas when turning corners from a stop and tight u turns. Also keeping your tire pressure higher helps with the click bang that lockers are known for when turning. In the rains yo uneed to be aware as well because you will kick out sideways quicker when turning than you normally would.
Go for it :chug: I had a lockright in my 20 and it was sweet :D Yes turning is a litle fun...just let off the gas and all will be fine
Well I got them. Turns out that the rear AMC20 had the Detroit soft locker in it and the front has the Lockrite. The 456 r/p looks very good as far as no wear or chips ect. They have been setting for a while and there is a little surface rust on the bearing caps. I will now try to put my knuckle and assembly on them. Any more tips or sugestions? Thanks for the help.
I've got a detroit in the rear of mine. The only time I don't like it (besides what they said above)is going down steep twisty roads as it tends to lock and unlock as you hit and let off the gas. It tends to want to throw you around the road. But it's nothing you can't get use to. :D

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