New Help Please

New Help Please


New Jersey
Hi, I just joined and need some help!! For the last 14 years My CJ7 has been sitting...I just finished restoring it and was just about to put it on the road and I find out my block has a HUGE crack!!! What should I do???:confused:
Sounds like new engine time to me.

How did you do a restore and miss such an important item? :)
Well this restore has been going on for over 14yrs! lol, I would mess with it sometimes...But I lately just been at it to get her on the road..So new engine? Damn, I have a 258 straight six, and a long block for that is about $1500. What should I do? If I pull out that engine maybe get something better under the hood?
If the block is cracked it needs to be replaced. Are you sure it is cracked? I have never seen an AMC I6 cracked block...

The only direct replacement is a 258 but an V8 can be swapped in with minimal effort.
It's a crack about 10"s long!! I put antifreeze in and just poured out the crack!:(

I'm so upset...My kids were so excited that today was going to be the day it finally goes on the road.

I found a guy that is selling a whole jeep for $600, and He says it has a 304 V8 that is running fine in it....Could I put that in with jumping out a window? I mean would my tranny work with it, cause His tranny is shot.
I work in New York :dung:ty and I hate taking the bus..I need to fix this quick, my other car was a Hooptie and died two weeks ago! C'Mon People help a CJ Brother out!:chug:
The 304 will go in with minimal work. You will need the frame brackets from the donor CJ, the radiator/fan shroud, and exhaust.

The bell housing bolt pattern between the 304 and the 258 are the same.

What year is the donor jeep? What year is yours? There is an ignition variance between anything earlier then '78 and anything newer..Prestolite vs. Motorcraft. The icm's are only compatable with their own distributors.

You may or may not have to worry about emmisions.....:confused:
If you need a quick back on the road scenario try to find a low mileage donor motor in the bone yard, Craig’s List, eBay or the like. In your part of the country there might be a jeep that has a not too long ago rebuild but the body has rusted out that someone is parting. If there ares enough pennies in the piggy just buy a rebuilt long block. To swap in any of the AMC V8s (304, 360, 401) the passenger side motor mount needs to be moved but that is about it. All your clutch parts will swap over from the AMC I6 to the AMC V8s but you must use the right flywheel for the motor. Each AMC V8 has its own balance for that motor.
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Or you can check CL, there are always 258's on there for about $50- $250. Might be able to get one that will drop in for now, and you can start building another or hold off until you have to rebuild.
I would take the "whole jeep for $600" Alex....;)

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