New to this , firing order

New to this , firing order


Yucaipa, CA
86 CJ 7, 2.5 , 4 speed tranny, everything is stock right now.
I just bought a 86 CJ 7 with a 2.5 4 banger.
I'm doing a lot of the work myself. The previous owner started stfc and never finished. It runs good except going up hills it starts to sputter and looses power.
If anyone knows of a good book or site for getting the vacuum lines back togeather that would rock. Amy help or knowledge to start upgrading is more then welcome.
Re: New to this

:ww: from Colorado you might try a tune up and change the filters.
Re: New to this

So what I've done today was change battery , gave it a tune up, change all fluids in her and put a rebuilt carb in her. Took her our and first big hill she lost power.
I'm thinking vapor lock or the cad is going bad. Due to she was running way to rich and had gas in the oil.
Re: New to this

:ww: from Wisconsin

This is a great forum with lots of really friendly folks...

If you haven't done so already, I get much better response on specific questions when I put them in the forum for that topic rather than here in the introductions...just a suggestion...:D

Again Welcome
Re: New to this

:ww: from Michigan
Re: New to this

I need help please.
I have a 86 CJ7 with a 2.5 in it it's all stock. I was trying to figure out why it was miss firing. So I pulled a plug wire off the like a fool I pulled all 4 off the see if the order was off.
Now all it does is turn over but gas spits out of the carb.
I have checked the spark plugs and the order of the spark plug wires on the
Distributor. I'm at a loss it started fine today now it just spurts.
I've looked for diagrams for the order in which the spark plug wire go.
Any help would be grateful.
Welcome.. First stop and take a deep breath. With the questions your posting Im going to assume you are a novice when it comes to carb'd motors.

If you pulled all you plug wires off and dont know where they go you need to first Find TDC on the motor on the compression stroke.

1) Look around on your timing chain cover close to the balancer and see if you can find the timing tab on it. Next look for the timing mark on the balancer. it will be a line cut across it.

2) on the timing tab you will see numbers should be a few - numbers followed by a big 0 then positive number.

3) you need to turn the motor over until the mark on the balancer is inline with the big 0 that puts you at top dead center.

With me so far? were about half way there right now. we have found TDC unfortunately a 4 stroke motor hits TOP dead center twice. you want to find TDC on the compression stroke

4) remove the front most spark plug and all of the wires. Place your finger over the hole and have some one else bump the motor over. you will feel suction then pressure pushing on your finger. When you start feeling the pressure building stop when the 0 is lined up with the balancer mark. you want that mark as close to the 0 as possible. You can move it by hand with ratchet and socket.

Once its at TDC remove your distributor cap and see where the rotor is. Place a mark on the base with a sharpie then replace the cap. The terminal closest to the mark is #1. Going clock wise it should go 1,3,4,2.

You have to know exactly where #1 cap terminal is, its not always the first one or closest to the front. I google the firing order and found a few different pics with #1 in different spots. The way I listed is the best to figure it out.

When you did your tune up did you change the plugs? if you did, did you gap em correctly? They dont come set to the right gap out of the box.

I also just noticed the part where you said you have gas in your oil. If this is the case you have some bigger issues. Gas in the exhaust maybe?

Also what size tires are you running and how steep is this hill? By loose power you mean it just cant make it or starts to shut off? What gear are you going up this hill in? The 4cyl motor is kind of a turd so if your trying to go up the hill in 5th or 4th you will not have power to make it. May have to drop down to 3rd.
Thanks I'll try that now.
I don't have oil on the gas it was spitting gas out of the carb.
Maybe she will do better after she is not misfiring. After I get her
Running again.
Thanks that worked not I just have to figure out why it's running abit rough.
Ill also gap the plugs.
Next step is to look for cracked or open vacuum lines and leaks. Trace all the lines from the carb. If any of them are disconnected either plug/cap it. Then spray around the carb and intake manifold with carb cleaner or if your really ballsy some starter fluid and listen for the engine speed to increase. Now you got it running next up is vacuum leak. Also make sure you have a good ground wire from the battery to the motor.
A rebuilt carberator is not necessariy set-up properly for your vehicle. Some tuning is most likely required.

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