newest problems

newest problems


Knoxville TN
so I got the motor and trans in...and I have come across my next set of problems...

I bought new headman headers and the pass. side is hittin on the head bolts, so I am asuming I will have to grind on the flange a little??

Oil pan plug is stripped, if you are tightening the bolt it will only tighten up so far then it breaks lose.....

Are there any pics of anyone running the bulltear alt. bracket? I got my a GM one wire, but not real sure how to mount the alt. to it, I have an idea but just not a 100 percent sure, I do know I had to grind one of the nipples on top of the intake for the bracket to fit right...THAT SUCKED! :chug:
1) The header hits on the head bolt? Strange... Can you get a pic? Sounds like a different head bolt was used then what is stock.

2) Most auto part stores sell replacement oil drain kits, some can just rethread the stripped hole and the better ones require you to pull the pan and bolt on a two piece adapter.

3) Don't have a pic yet as my new one hasn't shipped. See attachments...
Where can I get that spacer and bolt on the bottom of the alt, I didnt even get that part with mine :mad:
Did you get what is pictured? If not contact them as your missing a part of the kit...

yeah they didnt give me the spacer, I contacted them and they said they will send me one out! :chug:

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