Ninja warrior on G4?

Ninja warrior on G4?


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Anyone seen this show? I can't stop watching it. It's about a bunch of crazy stunts the contestants have to do to get their place on the list of the best (my verbiage). Some of the stunts are just stupid but several are pretty fun to watch.
Watch out for "The Octopus!!!" :notworthy:

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HURRY!!! It's Ninja Fest 3 on G4! Three hours of Ninja Warrior! Don't miss it! I know I'll be watching!

Oh yea - Olivia Munn is HOT! :)
Another good day to sit back and catch a few episodes of Ninja Warrior!

Life is good... :)
Oh yea - Olivia Munn is HOT! :)

Copy, paste, google.... mmmmm... yeah. The image on her Wikipedia page is nice and suggestive.

And yes, I've seen clips of the show on YouTube before. That show puts American Gladiators to shame!
All right! G4 is doing a 'Ninja Warrior' Fathers day marathon! It looks like they are all replays of old shows though... :( I sure hope they do better this time then before! ;)
What's G4?
I didn't even know that I got G4 on comcast, I've been watching ninja warrior all morning, it rocks!

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