no spark

no spark


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1976 dj 5 rhd
1981 dj 5 rhd
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76 258 I6 everything was replaced with brand new parts ignition modular, ecm , coil , dist shaft , dist cap/rotor I had it running than it cut out, I get power to coil 12v but nothing from coil to dist not even while cranking went through the wiring with a fine tooth comb but cant find any faulty wires any ideas on what I may have missed checking I'm not the best with electrical , :chug:
My first thought was the cps till I did research finding it didn't have one so that thought went out the window,
Take a spare spark plug and stick it in your coil wire to see if your coil crapped out. If you have power and ground at the coil, it my have retired.
Your module could be bad as well. try swapping in the old parts one by one (assuming you still have them).
after some research today I think I may have found the problem it may be the pick up in the distributor guess I'll find out tomorrow fingers crossed fingers-crossed_sxc-776014.jpg
I agree with Dave. Check the module. I've had 2 go out in my older (80's) Chevy work trucks. Took one to Napa auto parts for the free electrical bench test to see if it was good. They checked it and said YES it was good. I spent hours going through everything else only to come back to the module. It WAS bad after all. They do :dung: out, so as Dave said, check that dude. Good possibility that's your problem.
ran new wiring harness , new battery , new starter , solenoid , new coil , new dist shaft , new ecm , new alt , fuel pump , carb ,

checked for power at coil gets power but no spark ecm has power , pulled dist turned eng by hand to #1 set dist to #1 still nothing bitch.gif followed every step suggested and also every step in the big Chilton book this is on a 1976 dj5 258 shrug.gif need to get this thing going as its my wifes work vehicle theres no cps on this jeep
checked every thing in the book along with all suggestions everyone threw out :censored: this thing is becoming a royal pain in the ***


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I am in process of figuring out my ign issues as well do you have a full 12 v at plus side of coil my issue was the "Ballast Wire" breaking down / or up in resistance and after running a few mins the V at the coil would drop and start running rough below 10V and eventuaslly die at somewhere around 9.5V
Replaced 1.3 ohm wire with a .85 ohm "ballast resistor" and runs fine, But gonna start a new thread due to my inquiring mind regarding total resistance in the + coil line
I have 78 CJ7 258 pointless dist and motocraft ign module

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